The Committee has selected a new set of Core dances for 2017 onwards. AS before, these have been chosen to cover a range of formations, moves, tempos, etc, in order to help members become familiar with them.
Club Callers are requested try to include at least one, ideally two, per week when calling or organising an evening’s programme. There are a number of dances listed, so we hope Callers will find something they like and enjoy calling. Of course, they are still very welcome to call the previous, 2015, Core dances too.
Dance instructions and a CD of suitable music will be available for Club Callers to use if needed.
Happy Dancing!

The 2017 BOD Core Dances are:-

Formation Dance Reason
LW dm Jack’s Maggot Heys on opposite sides
LW dm Mr Beveridge’s Maggot Triple time.
Dbl Fig 8 if use Bare Necessities 24bar music
LW Contra Just Skylarking Contra moves;- eg, Dixie Twirl,
Petronella turns, Dolphin Hey
LW Becket Bucksaw Reel Becket formation
LW tm The Bishop tm single progression
LW tm Keeper’s Cottage tm triple progression
2C Marching to Praetorius
or Handel With Care
or Green Willow
Formation & moves
3C LW Fandango Classic dance; 3x thru
3C LW Shrewsbury Lasses Classic dance; 3x thru
4C LW Nonesuch Classic set dance
4C Round Newcastle Classic set dance
4C LW Bonny Cuckoo Waltz; Team work
4C Sq (American) 3xBreak and 4xFigure structure
eg. Homeward Bound
Grand Square & other moves
Sicilian Escort to Leicester Formation & orientation
Circle Sybil’s Roundabout Alamo Ring

For a downloadable and printable version of the 2017 BOD Core dances click the link;-  BOD Core Dances 2017    


The 2015 BOD Core Dances are:-

Dance                                    Formation                Style
Queen’s Jig                            LW dm                        Playford jig
Mr Cosgill’s Delight              LW dm                        Playford hornpipe
Shadrack’s Delight               LW dm imp                American contra reel
Orleans Baffled                    LW tm                         Playford triple time
Hit and Miss                         2 Cple                          Playford 3 parts
Founder’s Day                     3 Cple LW                    Playford 3 parts
Ted’s Triplet No 28             3 Cple LW                    American triplet
Nonesuch                            4 Cple LW                    Playford special
Bonny Cuckoo                    4 Cple LW                     English waltz
Chain on Both Corners     4 Cple Square              American Square with breaks
Escort to Leicester             Sicilian                          English reel
Big School Circle                Circassian                     English jig
Sun Assembly                     LW dm                          Playford reel
Devil’s Dream                     LW dm Imp                  American contra reel

For a downloadable and printable version of this list click on the following link;-
BOD Core Dances 2015-16


Each Christmas BOD enters a tree in the Burton Overy Christmas Tree Festival when people and organisations from in and around the village decorate trees in St Andrew Church. The church with the decorated trees is open to visitors over the first weekend of December in order to raise money for the church. It is normally a very popular event with hundreds of visitors.

For Christmas 2015 the tree was decorated by Heather McD’s daughter Alisoun, along with Chris B.  The theme of the BOD tree was “Shepherd’s Delight” and the names of members’ favourite dances were printed on outline drawings of sheep.
For a photo of the 2015 BOD Christmas Tree see below.

The “Favourite Dances” of members at Christmas 2015 were;-
Dance                                          Member
Shepherd’s Delight                    The Club
Alice                                              Jennifer
January Girl (Here’s Harriet)     Heather
Trip to Bavaria                            Anita
The Phoenix                                Richard
The Reunion                                John W
Falling in Love Again                  Ken
The Disbanded Officer              Jenny C
Levi Jackson                                Pat P
Heidenroslein                             John P
Delia                                             Janet
Mr Beveridge’s Maggot            Norma
Timber Salvage Reel                 Avis
Prince of Wales’ Favourite       Ray
Bonfire Square                          Roy and Angela
Duke of Kent’s Waltz                Doreen and Ted
Mignonette                                Margaret P
Hot Toddy                                  Jill A
Nonesuch                                   Jean
Devil’s Dream                            Hilary

The BOD Christmas Tree 2015

To see other pictures from the Burton Overy Christmas Tree Festival click on the link;-